Monday, December 31, 2007


Yesterday I did get to my studio to paint a little. I painted a tinny 8"x8" on maisonette. I was also able to prep some other canvases.
This being the last day of the year I look back at 2007 and it was a year of many ups and downs. The past seems so allusive to me. Regretting the wrong decisions and basking in the right ones is such a frivolous endeavor. The important thing is to learn from them both to live a more productive life. Unfortunately I never was such a good student.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Well yesterday I did get over to the studio for a couple of hours. I'm almost finished with this piece I'm working on. It is a commission piece that is part of a larger project that is to go into the infant crisis center. My next piece will be another commission for a different client. It will be grid work piece #18. I can hardly believe this series has went this far. It is exciting to see an idea work like this has. Ideas are important they the foundation for every thing in the word. So take a minute today and think up an idea.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

waiting period

I wont get much studio time till after Christmas break. To be honest I probably need this break even though it's driving me crazy to not be able to paint.
I will be taking a couple of my kids to the studio today to meet someone that bought a painting and hopefully I can paint a little bit. We'll see...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Plans for a new year

I have big goals for this new year. As I say "a goal with out a plan is a wish", therefore on with the planning. So far I have a gallery show at the AKA Gallery in March and the downtown Oklahoma City art festival in April. I'm trying to get this year together. If you don't know how this works you have to apply to these shows and be juried in or out. Lately the competition is getting steep. I've already had a number of rejections. It's disheartening to get rejected on a regular basis, but it's a price you must pay to get accepted. One thing is for sure there is only one way to never get rejected and that is to never apply. Not an option for me.
So I'll, paint like a madman, and rack up those rejections.
Ty A. Kelly