Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still Painting

Well I'm onto a new painting. This piece is very exciting! It seems with each painting I feel it's my best work to date. I will be posting a picture of it soon. I would like to get a little further along in it though before I do that. So keep checking back. See you soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

An explosion of art!

I feel as if my art is exploding with inspiration. I just finish another piece the day before yesterday. This piece is 36" x 48". I've been flowing with inspiration. I don't know weather it's the weather or if it's because the festival season is coming, or if I'm recapturing my love for painting. What ever it is, it's coming on strong. It's really strange how I feel when I paint lately. It has the feel of someone in love. When an idea is coming together it gives me goosebumps, and a chill runs down my spine. Then my heart melts. I think I'm in love with art!?! I don't get it either but who understands love anyway right?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Painting away

Well I've been spending the last few days painting, well, like a mad man. Yes painting a lot of new stuff. If your a Volare fan, that's the hearts with wings then you'll be happy to know there are more to choose from now. Also yesterday I completed a 24"x24" of an Irish country side. I combined the some elements from other paintings and came up with a quite quaint composition. Wow, try to say that a few times really fast.