Monday, March 31, 2008

Nice weekend

This last weekend was very nice. If you didn't make to the Guthrie art walk, I'm sorry to say, you missed out on a wonderful event. It all started on Thursday actually. When I got to the gallery to deliver my work I was excited to see the space. I have a confession to make I really expected this gallery to be less than par. That sounds bad but this is a new gallery and it take a while to get most galleries up and looking good. I was happy to see this one has a very nice look. If you get a chance in the next couple weeks go. I mean it go! I have never seen my work look so nice and laid out. It's beautiful how well the show flows. Okay on to the actual day of the show. The show went well. I had a lot of really pleasant conversations with people. We sold a few things and the food was delicious. After the show we strolled down the street to "Byron's". It is this tiny concert venue where extremely talented music is played. I was blow away but these two kids that could pick like nothing I have ever seen. I am told that this little place is a well kept secret in this little town. Nationally known "Byron", I'm sorry but I don't recall his last name, has recorded with such names as Rod Stuart, and the Rolling Stones. This venue manly plays bluegrass, folk, and Texas swing, all of which I'm not a huge fan, but when something is done at this level of talent you can't help but be impressed. What an amassing night. Then Sunday I finished the commission I was working on and spent the evening watching the weather. A pastime here in Oklahoma. Around midnight I collected some nice size hailstones. I know I'm such a kid at heart. That was it, my weekend.

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