Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting ready for art shows, teaching, and the cold icy wheather.

Well it seems like I've been in some sort of isolation for a while. I mean I have been around people, but not involved with my normal "crowd".
Winter's seem so long for me. Therefore in the fall I decided that I try my hand at teaching, to get myself around some people and get involved in the local art community. (What was I thinking?!?) Last Thursday was my first class. I've never taught anything in my life. That morning I was scared to death. I was considering faking my death and taking off for coastal Mexico or something. I didn't do that though, obviously. I finely picked my self up and thought of what I would do. I decided to gather as much materials as possible and talk about them. this should take quite some time. Next I would have then prepare a canvas. "This should take most of the time up." I was thinking. With questions and introductions there should be no problem, it's only 2 hr.'s right? Wrong! I did everything I could think of and then looked at the clock and there was 1 1/2 hr. 's left... Panic set in... then I heard one of the students say. "Why don't you do a demo for us." Hallelujah!!!! that's the answer! I don't have to fake narcolepsy now. "That's a good idea." I said. As I started the demo you could have heard a pin drop. Very unnerving situation, but better that 12 students looking at you wondering what your going to teach them. With questions added in it really wasn't that bad. I told them to bring in some items for a still life next week and well start the painting process next week. Phew!
Lately I've been preparing for some local gallery shows. I really should have painted more this winter but I've had a hard time with inspiration and then when it hits I'm in no position to paint. You know the old inspiration hits at the most inopportune times adage. I sometimes think my muse hates me or has a sick since of humor. Nevertheless I have painted and have actually come up with some very poignant paintings. So don't miss out and get to one of my shows coming up. Besides I need to replace my roof this spring and you can help me pay for that. Just kidding...
Well I woke this morning to cold weather and icy roads and it seemed like the perfect chance to catch you up on whats going down here at the casa de Ty.

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