Wednesday, March 17, 2010

While I'm up

While I'm up I might as well blog. I have been painting I swear. Actually I have went though quite a metamorphose. I have continued drawing the nudes, but I have started a 16"x20" project. It some what a painting a day type of thing except instead of tiny 6"x6" paintings, of which I still do, I wanted to challenge myself to a larger size. I am a full time artist why not paint like one. So far most of them are trees and dramatic land scape. However I have implimented this idea, It's called the "Wet Paint Special". If you decide to buy one of these 16"x20" paintings within 7 days of it's completion it is 1/2 price. I have also set these paintings at $400 each as regular price. Which in turn makes the "wet paint" price $200. I call it "Wet Paint" because it takes them about a week to be dry to the touch. I don't know I just love the idea of selling a painting before it drys. Maybe I'm just weird like that.

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